I can's see my website

Hi I have a problem of accessing my website adznaija.online, is only showing ads but not the full website how do I resolve this matter

I believe your issue is related to DNS Propagation.


Hi my website https://adznaija.online/ is not yet live, is only show me this irrelavent page

How do I solve this matter?

Please don’t create multiple topics on the same issue.


Looking at the current information returned by our nameservers, it seems that something may have gone wrong while setting up your account resulting in the domain name not being correctly set up on our end.

The easiest way to fix this is to go into the control panel and remove the domain from the account, and then add it again. This will force the system to recreate your domain which should fix the issue.

Please note that after fixing it, it can still take up to 72 hours for the website to start working for you due to DNS cache. But you can check whether the domain was set up successfully by using a DNS checker like this. If it says BODIS.COM, it means the domain is pointing to the parking page, if it says an IP address starting with 185.27.134, it means your site is live.


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