I cannot send automated emails with WooCommerce

I have fully setup WooCommerce’s email settings but I have tried to create orders. No emails have been sent to my test email.
I use gmail as the primary email in WooCommere settings.
I also tried to setup plugin: WP Mail Logging Log, I check the email log and the email is still sent without error. But I did not receive any email.
Please help me, thank you

It’s because you cannot send emails with mail() which these plugins use.


I’m not that familiar with WooCommerce, so what does this mean? Did you configure Gmail’s SMTP service to send email? Or only that you use a Gmail address as the sending address?

Because if that “primary email” setting does not include SMTP settings, then the PHP mail() restrictions apply.


I solved the above problem using the plugin: WP Mail SMTP by WPForms. I choose to set up via Gmail. I have tried to make new orders. Email is sent immediately. Very good. Thank you


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