I cannot remove the Self Signed SSL

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Freak Minds

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I can’t remove the Self Signed SSL from the list, i found another provider.
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Just delete the cert from VPanel

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You cannot delete it from the client area, correct. But that does not matter as long as you have deleted it from the control panel.

The default SSL is a Self Signed Certificate.

Clicking ‘Configure’ below allows a signed certificate to be activated.

This is what tells me in vpanel i press delete certificate but still shows me the private key when i refresh the page…

Ignore it


then i try put my new cert and this comes up
I followed the steps from tutorial aswell is says is active but i cannt see nothing its still redirects me to http:// instead of https://

The certificate uploaded is NOT for the domain name freakminds.ro (Cloudflare was seen) .

First, upload the private key. Replace the old one with the new one.


Looks ok to me


ok thats fine then i was confused becouse mine it shows like this…

Thanks for support!

Try incognito mode


Looks to be the same…

Please see:

TL;DR: You can’t use Cloudflare Origin Certificates here. You’ll need to get a real certificate signed by an actual CA, or use a self signed certificate with Cloudflare in “Full” mode.


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