I cannot reach my wevsite

My website URL is: https://betaforum.cf

What I’m seeing is: Google cannot find main machine ip

I’m using : SMF

Additional information: I use cloud flare and I checked the cache no problem at all then I look my dns of domain there is no problem(NS1.EPIZY[.]COM and NS2.EPIZY[.]COM) so what can it be?

I can’t access your website; it takes longer to load. Your CloudFlare needs to point to the IP of your hosting account, via some CNAME records: one with the name of your domain name which points to the Main Domain that can be found on your Control Panel and one with the name www that points to your domain. Then ensure the orange cloud is on in all the records. DON’T CLICK NOTHING ELSE, BUT DELETE THE RECORDS ns1.epizy[.]com AND ns2.epizy[.]com! AND DO IT AFTER YOU ADDED THE DOMAIN ON INFINITYFREE WITH THE RELATIVE NAMESERVERS! Then make sure in the Crypto section that the SSL is set to “Full”. Sorry for any English errors (if there are some), but I’m Italian.

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Thank you @Ergastolator1

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