I cannot login to any apps/themes/templates i install


i go to softaculous to install any of the themes etc but once installed i try to login to them with admin but it always says my login details are incorrect. i try to change them and try again but same results everytime no matter with website template i try.

can anyone help or shed some light for me.

thank you

Hi and welcome to the forums.

Softaculous does not install website templates.
Softaculous installs full functional web software like blogs or forums or e-commerce sites.
Each of them has it’s own default username and password and some of them ask you to create them during install.


hi. thanks for the reply.

that is exactly what i was trying to explain.

i try them with the default user n pass and also setting up with a personal user and pass. but no matter what i do it just says incorrect user n pass when i try to login as admin to edit the site

When you download something, you can set whatever username and pass you want, then when you open your website, you enter those same credentials.
Can you share the name of the program you are trying to install?

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i have tried loads.in blogs. portals, forums, social net, ads, e-commerce, etc.

frustrating.been at it all day yesterday tring everything.

Can you make a short video of you trying to install something, and then the login error? You can upload it to YouTube, set it to “unlisted” and share the link here.

i do not have youtube. can i not upload it here?

It won’t let you upload videos here. You can use Google Drive, Dropbox or Box though. Just may sure you have the permission as “anyone with the link can view”

ok ill trydropbox.

thats 1 install. its the same for any i try.

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That’s so odd. Everything I can think of you tried and it didn’t work.

Does this work on other accounts? Maybe just this one dosen’t work.

i have 2 accounts. it was ok on the first but after the second one none work.

no matter which website i try.

and iv even tried it on another laptop. same result.

do you think if i delete my account and start again? it is obviously a bug in the system?

It’s worth a shot. Just make a backup of any site files first, and make sure to delete your domain before deleting the hosting account so you can use it again on the new one.

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