I cannot enter wordpress control page

I already sign up domain account and change name server already.

my website is


and if i want to enter control page


i cannot enter , it still show the home page.

For me it’s showing an ads page, so your site is still in the list of the problems related to any site nameservers. Try removing your domain from your account and re-add it. By doing so your website’s domain should be resynced with the correct IP that your website has and add it to your account. Then if the WordPress is deleted after deleting and re-adding your account to your cPanel, reinstall it using Softaculous.

The domain ddmotion.studio does not seem to be assigned to a hosting account.

We’re happy to help you with any problem you may be experiencing, but we cannot do so if you submit a question and immediately afterwards delete your domain name before giving anyone the opportunity to respond.

oh sorry , im just did what suggestion said.

Now when i want to add domain it’s said Error Adding Domain…
“Remember, you need to change the nameservers on a domain via registrar control panel BEFORE adding it to your account, it may take 24~72 hours to completely update the nameservers.:”

Maybe I have to wait few more days because I just change nameserver yesterday.

Change the nameservers from ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com to ns1.byet.org, ns2.byet.org, ns3.byet.org, ns4.byet.org and ns5.byet.org from your domain registrar and wait for DNS propagation before adding your domain to InfinityFree. Byet nameservers ensure extra reliability to your domain name.

Now I can add domain to my account already but problem still the same. Could you please check it for me please.

Now it works, but you didn’t install WordPress in the /wp directory. It shows a 404 error page when I try to access it. Install WordPress in the /wp directory or in your domain with no names of directories and clear your cookies & cache or use

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