I cannot create a new SSL and I cannot see the Subdomains URL on WordPress Management

Dear Sirs,

My website URL is http://delicious-food.cf. I cannot create a new SSL certificate after updated CNAME manually.

Also, I cannot see the Subdomains URL on WordPress Management. Why?

Thank you

It looks like you currently have a self signed certificate installed, which is not secure.

For the lets Encript one, please share a screenshot of the control panels CNAME section, and the ssl viewer page.

What subdomain?


Hi Greenreader9,

Yes, a self signed certifcate is not secure, I didn’t know how to remove it. Therefore, I would like to create another one.

Here also appears 2 Subdomains (charity.delicious-food.cf and donation.delicious-food.cf) but not showing on WordPress Management

Regards & Thanks

Just get an SSL cert and install over the self-sign cert will do

If you did not install it via Softaculous of course it will not appear


You can’t manage WordPress on the subdomains because the subdomains don’t have WordPress installed through Softaculous. Softaculous doesn’t manage websites it doesn’t know about.

Softaculous does have an Import Installations features that you may be able to use to import the WordPress sites on the subdomains into Softaculous. Then Softaculous should be able to manage them.

I went ahead and imported your sites for you.

Just to let you know, the CNAME record you added in the screenshot is incorrect. Please make sure to configure the CNAME record exactly as shown in the client area.

The automatic installation option may not be available to you because you are using the names ns1.ezyro.com and ns2.ezyro.com as your nameservers. If you change those to ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com, the automatic setup option should become available.


Hi KangJL,

Thank you for informing me.

I will fix them step by step according to Admin’s advice as follows.

Regards & Thanks

Hi Admin,

Thank you so much for providing detailed information.

I have successfully created a new SSL certificate accordingly. Also, I am grateful for your assistance in importing the WordPress on both subdomains. However, they don’t work, please have a look at the screenshot.

May I know how to install? Is it to click “Install” and then choose installation URL?

Hmm, Softaculous says “Database connection failed”.

My guess is that this is caused by how database users and Softaculous work. Normally, Softaculous creates its own database users for the particular site, but your imported sites are using the “regular” database user, which may not be usable for Softaculous.

Maybe this is something that can be fixed at some point, but I don’t think the WordPress Manager is used that much.

Yes, exactly!

Please do note that this will install a new copy of WordPress. You can’t use this to import your existing sites.


Hi Admin,

Sorry, I don’t fully understand what are you saying, so I tried to create a new Subdomain for testing. Suddenly both sites on WordPress Management are being worked. I don’t know why? Please refer to the followings screenshot for easy reference. Thank you.

I also don’t know why it works now. But it does, so problem solved it seems?


Hi Amin,

Yes, I am currently editing via WordPress Management. Thank you.

May I know why all subdomains don’t have SSL certificates after added SSL certificate on the main domain?

Because the SSL certificate is issued only for that main domain and its www. subdomain, it isn’t wildcard SSL which can be issued for a domain name and all of its subdomain.
You neer to issue separate certificates for those.


Take note all domains/subdomains will require their own individual SSL certs


Hi Ziverre,

Well noted. Thank you.


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