I cannot access my databases

My site is https://dripporand.com

I can’t access my database. It says: “No tables found in database.” and: “No databases” found in my server.

What SQL server are you on? There might be a minor SQL outage right now…


I checked your database, and it is indeed empty. I don’t know how it came to be. I think reinstalling your software with Softaculous is the easiest solution from there.



I can’t restore my softaculous backup of wordpress. It keeps getting stuck at 95%.

Did you do this?


Not yet. The sites a couple days old. It’s still being developed.

I deleted my software and reinstalled it fresh. I still don’t have access to my database. Is there an outage?

I’m not aware of any system issues.

What problems are you having accessing your database? I currently see one database on your account, which has WordPress tables in it.

It’s been over 24 hours… I’ve been working on it.

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