I can´t reactivate mi domain

I would like to reactivate my domain again.
I have used it to make a website for the university, and now I can no longer access it.

User: epiz_22999289
Website: lav.rf.gd

What I’m seeing is:
|Deactivated |2019-08-03 07:20| 2019-08-05 15:39|

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

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Your domain isn’t accessible because it’s not assigned to any hosting account. You need to add the domain name to a hosting account again, either by creating a new hosting account for it or by adding it to an existing account through the Subdomains section.


I have already deleted and added the same domain (lav.rf.gd), but the root folder was created in “/home/vol1_2/epizy.com/epiz_22999289/lav.rf.gd/htdocs”, this is a new ubication.
My wordpress files remain at the path “/home/vol1_2/epizy.com/epiz_22999289/htdocs”.
When I try to copy or move them from “… / htdocs” to “… / lav.rf.gd/htdocs” nothing happens.
I have a wordpress backup, but this restores everything to the old location.
I do not know what else to do. I am not very genius with this.
Thank you in advance for your help.

What do you mean with “nothing happens”? Are the files just not copied or moved?

Moving the files from the old directory to the new one is the way to go. Moving is preferred over copying, since changing the location of a file is much more efficient than making a full copy of it.

Sure, you could setup new sites, restore backups and do other stunts. But you’ll still end up moving or copying data to the new folder, just with more steps around it.


I was moving the files to the new dir, but I forgot to modify the data base in phpmyadmin. The prefix was wrong. I could rename that and the site loaded successfuly.
Thanks for your responses.

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