I can’t install or update plugins on my wordpress site

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

Can’t install or update plugins

I’m using this software:


Additional information:

Hi guys, since yesterday i can’t install or update plugins on my wordpress site. It shows an ftp windows asking for my ftd credentials and aways give me the same error about creating a directory.
What’s going on?
It use to work perfectly.
How can i solve this?

Guys, can i have an answer?

Can you please share the exact error message which WordPress tells you, rather than your own interpretation of it? A screenshot would be even better.

Wordpress error message:

Update Failed: Could not create directory.


Thanks for you time Admin :slight_smile:

Please guys, can i have some assistance?
Many thanks.

I don’t recall seeing that error before. A quick search of the error message implies that it could be a problem with file permissions, but the permissions look fine on your website.

Can you try to install the WordPress Health Check plugin and see if that points out any issues:

But sir, how can i install this plugin if my problem is exactly not being able to install or update any plugin?


I’m sorry, I didn’t consider that installing that plugin might not work either.

However, I checked your account and I can’t find any reason why the plugin installation would return this error, so I would like to know what the troubleshooting plugin says.

Could you please try to install the troubleshooting plugin manually like so?


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