I can see my web site

Hello my site is not start i make e107 auto install but it is stay 72h only index end noting … can help mi pls

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end now?

this error is form auto install from this site hosting i can make noting ,…

Something is wrong with your code, and without more information we can’t help you. Are you sure you set it up correctly? Are you sure it works? Are you sure it is compatible?


I personally in your control panel let your system be installed automatically on e107 during automatic installation, if something goes wrong, the problem comes from the system, I did not upload files in any way, I expected everything to be installed automatically, except to try to delete everything and run new install?

Just because software can be installed with Softaculous doesn’t guarantee it works here.

Softaculous is a product that’s developed and maintained by a third party that’s used to install software built by yet other parties. We don’t have the means to test and vet each and every version of hundreds of different scripts ourselves.

Especially for more esoteric software, it may not work on our hosting, or may not work anymore since an update, simply because we just imported the latest changes from Softaculous and we had no idea that it was broken.

For now, there are a couple of ways you can proceed:

  • Try to troubleshoot the issue with your current website.
  • Try reinstalling through Softaculous to see if that helps.
  • Try installing e107 by hand (be sure to watch for any issues there).
  • Use a different CMS (the more popular ones tend to be better supported).

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