I can not open my website or file manager

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my website is https://weballigator.ml
my user name is epiz_25574295
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Error Message

error show when I try to open my website DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN even I can not open file manager

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Please read this:

but my website not open what is wrong with my website

try removing and add it again as addon domain

Please note that the article quite clearly says that there is an issue with FTP and with the file manager, and that other services are not affected. A website which doesn’t load is not a known issue of the outage. Please don’t assume that if there is one issue with one part of the platform, that everything which doesn’t work exactly as expected is automatically a result of that.

As for your domain @jigneshgauswami, if you do a DNS lookup for your domain, you’ll see it doesn’t have any nameservers at all right now.

Please check with your domain name provider whether you have added our nameservers correctly. If you did add the nameservers correctly, please ask the domain provider for help, because then this is an issue on their end.

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domain removed but can’t add again it says already exist

The nameservers seems that are correct:

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