I can not open my web site

When i open my site: http://macedoniaprivateguide.ml/ i got a message: 502 Bad Gateway . Also when i want to access to my admin panel http://macedoniaprivateguide.ml/wp-admin/ , i got a message: Action not found - For request ‘GET /wp-admin/’ .

Try to remove existing wordpress installation .
And re-install again .

I can not access to my admin panel in order to remove and re-install the wordpress installation. Now, when i go to macedoniaprivateguide.ml/wp-admin/ it will redirect me to http://www.freenom.link/en/index.html?lang=en
Also when i go to macedoniaprivateguide.ml i got the same redirect.

see the attached printscreen:

Log in to cpanel via infinityfree panel > softaculos > installation > remove installation

I removed the installation and re-install wordpress installation and i got the same issue.

I have checked macedoniaprivateguide.ml, but it looks like Freenom does not have any nameservers set for the domain name. Can you please check with Freenom to make sure your domain name is still active and is configured to point to our servers?

i cant open my website… but on my account status still active… hope you ca help me with this because this my capstone project… it is very important… i’m using free domain (.ml)

I checked, my domain name macedoniaprivateguide.ml is expired before few days ago and i had to renew the domain registration. I have another domain name, can you helped me or guide me to change the old one that is expired with the new one. The new domain name is macedonianroyaltravelservices.com

Domain seems to be connected with server.

You can add the new domain as a Parked Domain on the .ml domain, or add it separately as an addon domain. Judging by the empty directory listing, it looks like you went with the latter.

The next step is to move your website to the new domain. This article from WordPress explains how to do that: Moving WordPress « WordPress Codex

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