I can find out if there is any malicious code in the theme I will use

Hello, I can find out if there is any malicious code in the theme I will use.

Are you asking a question?



If it is a Nulled theme,it will have malicious code

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How can I find and delete these codes, how can they do evil


Why do you use nulled softwares at all?

The dollars are very high in the country where I live. That’s why I chose this theme

How can I find malicious codes

You violated IF’s T0S…

Please dont use nulled software…(They afftect the servers and your visitors)

ok i won’t use it i didn’t know it was harmful

But it’s not a proper reason for using nulled stuff, they could just be as dangerous as drugs are.
Dollars are expensive there? Same with where i live, but i use free standard themes or cheap paid ones.

Don’t use pirated software. It’s illegal and we don’t allow it for that reason. The fact that they are often infected with malware is just one of the reasons why you shouldn’t use a cracked theme.

If you don’t want to spend money on a paid theme, that’s fine of course. But then please use one of the many free themes available on the internet. A free theme that’s offered for free by the creator is usually safer, and always more legal.

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