I am unable to login my control panel

My website URL is: http://techcentury.epizy.com-- Please post a specific URL to the page on your website where you see the issue, where applicable. If the error is not a website issue, post the domain name instead. Do not use example domains, as we cannot check issues if we only have dummy information. →

What I’m seeing is: I am unable to login in my control panel… It is saying invaild login.

I’m using this software: I am using it througj Google chrome

Additional information:

Are you trying to login through the client area or manually on cpanel.epizy.com?

In either case, please start by resetting the hosting account password through the client area. Never use the password reset function of the control panel itself, as we occasionally synchronize the passwords from the client area to the panel, which breaks your website if they are different.

Then, click the Control Panel button from the client area to login, which should work.

If it does, then you can also login manually, but please make sure to use the hosting account username and password, and not your client area credentials (these are different).

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