I am trying to create a redirect but it says forbidden


i am trying to redirect http://viswatours.great-site.net/viswatours/ to https://viswaalla46.wixsite.com/viswatours but it does not work


You don’t have permission to access /panel/indexpl.php on this server.

Are you facing suspension soon?

What did you do?

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did nothing just created the site and cant redirect for some reason!

This is what I see

Likely due to CORS restriction policy

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How are you trying to make the redirect? Are you using the redirect feature in the control panel, .htaccess, or something else?


yep using the redirect feature in the panel!

please post the solutions i will check it tomorrow i am going to sleep!

Use htaccess to redirect. Code:

Redirect 301 / https://viswaalla46.wixsite.com/viswatours

Good night to you btw :night_with_stars:

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No, that will not work. The OP wants to redirect http://viswatours.great-site.net/viswatours/ to https://viswaalla46.wixsite.com/viswatours. Not the root to https://viswaalla46.wixsite.com/viswatours.

@viswa99, Try creating a new .htaccess file in the “/htdocs” folder on your website. Due to restrictions on OS’s, it may be easiest to do it using the online file manager.

  1. Open the online filemanager and navigate to the “htdocs” folder.
  2. Click the + on the bottom of the screen and select “New File”
  3. Name it “.htaccess” (Nothing before the dot)
  4. Open the new file in the editor
  5. Paste the below code
Redirect 301 /viswatours https://viswaalla46.wixsite.com/viswatours
  1. Save and close the file
  2. Clear your cache
  3. Load your website

let me try!

thanks its working!


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