I am not receiving the DCV mail from Comodo

Hello :slight_smile:

I wanted to add an SSL to my site with Comodo and I created the MX-Record and created the email.
I am not receiving the DCV Validation mail…

Url: www.priveight.xyz

Edit// I am not receiving any mail either I tried send myself a mail and didn’t even received it also

You are using Cloudflare’s cPanel integration, which breaks MX records and subdomains, and like so you can’t receive emails in your email account because of that.
If you really want a SSL certificate, consider disabling Cloudflare for your domain through the cPanel, try on the Comodo dashboard to send the email again, then click the link to verify it with the code they sent, and you are done with creating the SSL certificate! Then you want to install it, and there is a tutorial for that. After the installation is done, you should wait from 30 minutes to 24 hours for the SSL certificate changes to propagate.

Im still not receiving the mail :confused:

You should wait for 24 hours after Cloudflare is disabled to get the email receiving functionality enabled.

Ohh xD
Alright ^^

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