I am not receiving emails from WP Contact form

Hello, recently I have downloaded WPForms plugin and added it to my website https://gnosis.ge/contact however, I am not receiving the emails from the contact form submissions. Could you please tell me what might be a problem? The email is [email protected] (I receive direct emails without problems there).
I have also installed WP SMTP and it says the following:
Heads up! The last email your site attempted to send was unsuccessful.

Email Source: WP Core Mailer: Sendinblue [permission_denied]: Unable to send email. Your SMTP account is not yet activated. Please contact us at [email protected] to request activation.

But I activated the account via email and on sendinblue it says the domain is verified.

Thank you for your help!

Infinityfree does not allow email sending, you need to get an smtp server (gmail is free) and use the wp smtp plugin and configure it.

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Hey, thanks for your response, but could you please be more specific? I am kinda lost here, I tried to set up gmail smtp server but when I try to install it through wp smtp plugin it says: Error 401: invalid_client Not a valid email or user ID.

Re-check your credentials. Article:


Awesome it works now! Thank you!


Apparently, there is some hidden activation check in Sendinblue that you need to complete to use their service. If Sendinblue tells you you need to contact them to get your account activated, then that’s probably what you need to do.


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