I am Not Able to visit my site

I am Not Able to visit my site http://dhruvilpatel.great-site.net/?z on ip

Your site is working for me. Please clear your cache.


yeah this what happens working on some devices and not working on other.

That’s defiantly a cache issue. You need to clear the cache on each device it is not working on.


I Did Then Also not working

Did you clear the cache (and cookies) for “all time” and reload the page?

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and it gives different different errors on diff devices

Can you show the errors? It would definitely be helpful!

there is no error it just show blank page

But you said different devices give different errors?

Anyway, you should google how to correctly clear the cache on the device. It could also be the cache on your modem or ISP that is causing the issue.

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okay i will check that out

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