I am not able to put SSL on my blog

I am not able to put SSL on my blog. I try to enter the control panel to go to CNAME (I generated my SSL through Let’s Encrypt) and I can’t put the information. I already read the instructions but I can’t access the panel because it keeps reading and doesn’t load. Please help me.

Make sure you set up your CNAME records correctly. It seems that is the step you are stuck on. If you need help, this video is an excellent resource

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Try changing ur nameservers to
Other than that wait for cname propagation

Yes, but that’s the point: I’m not able to access the CNAME area on the control panel. He reads and doesn’t load

But where are you asking me to change that? On Freenom, where is the domain or on the control panel?

Is your DNS hosted with Cloudflare? (Do you use Cloudflare with your site?)

No. I’m not using Cloudflare in this blog. Cpanel only reads but does not load. I wanted to access this CNAME area to be able to do what the video teaches

You may have to make the CNAME record with your domain registrar. Locate your registrar and look for the DNS section for your domain and add a CNAME record.

Like it says in your screenshot:

Your domain name is using InfinityFree nameservers. Please setup the CNAME records through our control panel.

I have checked your control panel and the CNAME records are not there. Please set them up first.

Can you please clarify what you mean by this? Just login to the control panel and click the CNAME Records section?



Yes. I know. I’m saying that I can’t load the control panel. He reads and doesn’t load. How will I access the CNAME area if it doesn’t load? Please, can anyone help me?

Use vpn?

I was able to access CNAME. What I would like to know now is if I have to change the htdocs folder to the emersonilustracoes.ml folder

SSL certificates and CNAME records are completely independent of your website files. So no, you don’t have to change folders to get an SSL certificate.

And it’s not like you can change the folder of your website to begin with.

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