I am not able to connect to my SQL Database

HI Guys,
I am stuck with a situation here. I am not able to connect to my SQL Database, when i click to connect it open a new window and shows a error message saying that this page cannot open.
Some body help please.

Kindly reproduce your error. I may help you.

Seems to be phpmyadmin is down.
We can’t help you here then -_-
Server side issue

Thanks for your prompt response. I will try again later. Hope this gets resolved, else I might loose my entire content since In did not back it up in the past one month

Yeah, here at infinityfree, patience is the key to uptime! I guess.

Had you changed your password resently? If yes from where exactly?


Hello Guys, I am still not bale to connect to my database. When I try to connect to my database in MYphpadmin, it says cannot connect to the database. SOmebody help, else I will loose a year worth of work.
Thanks in advance. I am a novice

Have you tried connection to other databases? If yes then does others connect?

I have 4 database and it is the same response for all the 4 database
I dont know what to do

I think this was one of the reason as I have changed the password

I have the database downloaded finally, let me know what the next step. Thanks


Oh so problem solved?

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In Short NEVER change the password through reset password option or it’ll ruin your permissions. Just do it through client area.


Let me know what to do next please. Thanks

phpMyAdmin is known to do this. Some suggestions on how to fix this can be found here:

Note that this has absolutely nothing to do with the contents of the database, including whether this content is managed by WordPress or not. So I split the posts to a separate topic because this is not related to the WordPress upgrade issue.


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