I am new here having problems with subdomain wordpress

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i am new here and there arent working the subdomain i think or the wordpress it looks like more a subdomain problem.

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Thanks wish ya a beatiful day and i hope ya guys fix it !

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Hi and welcome to the forum! For me both of your websites work fine (the first one only after I flushed the A record’s DNS cache from Google DNS’s “Flush Cache” page; yep, I use Google’s DNS).

Please note that, if you created your websites just now, it might take up to 72 hours for them to work due to DNS caching:


do i have to wait or is there anything i can do ?
thanks for answearing !

You can also follow the workarounds in the article I linked to to make your website work on your side as fast as possible.


thank you very much , wish ya a beatiful day !


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