I am having some troubles with DNS because of Cloudflare

My website is: http://gamerful.ga
I made some changes in wordpress yesterday that, somehow, today i couldnt see my homepage. only others pages. I activated cloudflare too.
Today, I made some backups from my wordpress and then, i resolved to remove wordpress and install it again. For my surprise, I imported my backup of wordpress in wordpress and my website is strange, things dont work like used too.
It didnt imported any plugins, and themes. Everything I needed to download again and activate.
Now, I am having some issues with Cloudflare, idk why. It says something like “DNS Origin error” I desactivated, but it didnt resolved. Ended up activating again. Could help me see if everything is fine with my website? I dont understand much of this.

WordPress is very sensitive to changes, your SSL problem may be due to a bad configuration in CloudFlare, it is also worth noting that in WordPress you have to use a Plugin to be able to work with CloudFlare’s SSL, so, reconfigure your SSL and then use a Plugin for WordPress to detect your SSL.

if u enabled cloudflare wait for next 6hrs to make your website fully functional


Sorry but I couldn’t see your domain on cloudflare, I mean your domain is still not yet pointed to Cloudflare nameservers or you still didn’t add your domain to cloudflare dashboard.

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