I am getting "ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR" error on my website


Error Message

Hello, I have installed an ssl certificate on my site, but it does not work. I’m pretty sure I installed the certificate correctly. When I open the site with http, it works, but not with https. I get the error “ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR” (on all devices). When I checked, it seems that the site does not have an ssl certificate installed. I think there is a bug in the control panel.

Other Information

You just have to wait. Use CloudFlare in the meantime


You are not the only one. You may want to watch this conversation:


I started using cloudflare, but when I do “full” in the ssl section, I get an error as in the picture, when I do “flexible”, the images on my site do not appear.

That’s because you need a SSL certificate on InfinityFree to use “Full”

You must have mixed content issues. Make sure all of your images are called for using HTTPS:// and not HTTP://


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