I am downloaded vanillaforum can you help to upload it to my website

Username epiz_30008090

I am downloaded vanillaforum from following link.

I am tried to upload it to my website. It facing some trouble while uploading. Can you guide me to the steps to do that, If you’re used it before.

Use filezilla?

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I haven’t any prior experience with creating a forum. So If you can please help me to create it by teaching steps to do that.

Try this:

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Even if you managed to upload, it is unlikely to work


The best way to do it and faster is to download FileZilla for your OS from here.
Then you should login to your FTP and then extract your VanillaForums .zip file and drag the .zip contents from your computer to your website FTP.

Then which community can be added to infinityfree without expenses

You can download forums with Softaculous in the cPanel.


Phpbb or codoforum

Thanks dude , it’s working

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