I already made the payment


I have made the payment 30 minutes ago because my website bravobustiosabogados.com was suspended… Ifastnet debited the money on my account but the account still suspended… This is a scam or what?
Please active my premium account


You shd raise support ticket with Ifastnet

no answer yet…

Guess you hv to wait

Yeah KangJL
I just upgrade because the slogan inside the control panel says:
Don’t want to wait any longer? iFastNet can migrate your website quickly and for free, even if your account is suspended!

Quickly like a turtle?

Its been and hour and 10 minutes that they charged on my account… And still ‘pending’ what kind of hosting is this…

You shd rx reply once migration is done

did u say relax?
Tell that to my costumer… I gonna lost my costumer because of this. and a good one.
What a fake slogan it is…

rx => receive

takes to long…
the admin of infintyfree.net its the owner of ifastnet.net ?

Dun think so…

dont understand… its taking so long

where is the admin here…

Infinityfree should not recommend this crap of ifastnet…
its gonna be 2 hours that they charged on my account and the account still not active. what a crap.
what a crap slogan u put on ur infinityfree panel admin, sincerely what a waste of my time. my costumer its driving me crazy because of this, i am 2 step to lose my costumer.
send email to [email protected], sended a ticket… nothing. not reply at all.

2 hours and still nothing

3 hours and nothing…

See this


What @Admin says about (related to this topic)


Sorry, I can’t help with this. I have no access to iFastNet’s systems whatsoever. I can’t verify your payments, check the status of your premium hosting or migrate your website there. iFastNet staff can do that for you.

Although I would like to remind you that iFastNet is a company from the UK. Their staff is usually available from early in the morning to late in the evening, but during the night itself support is quite light. You created this topic at 1 AM in their timezone, so support is going to be a bit slower.

I’m also in Europe, so I never really experienced this. In my experience, iFastNet support is always very fast.


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