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There was a problem with retrieving your Domain Key. Please click the Waiting for Approval button to retry.There are two reasons why we might not be able to communicate with your domain:1) The POST callback to https://merchandisemuseum.kesug.com/wp-json/litespeed/v1/token failed.2) Our Current Online Server IPs was not allowlisted.Please verify that your other plugins are not blocking REST API calls, allowlist our server IPs, or contact your server admin for assistance.:

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I was trying to request a domain key for a plugin called litespeed cache but this error message pops up. When I contacted them they told me it’s because of the ?i=1 redirect for your hosting, is there a way to fix this?

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Non-browser requests to free hosting are blocked, so you can’t do that here.

Free hosting does not use litespeed technology on the servers, so that plugin is useless here.


So if I upgrade to premium hosting will I be able to request the domain key for the plugin?

Yes, on premium hosting you can request the domain key. But premium hosting also doesn’t use LiteSpeed, so I would still strongly recommend a different caching plugin that’s not designed to be used with software we don’t have.


That’s what the whole domain key feature was about — it’s used to intergrate any web server with LiteSpeed capabilities through their QUIC.cloud CDN.

And it also have features like image optimization which is LiteSpeed unrelevant, that also requires a domain key.


Right, so it does more than just caching.

Still, that QUIC.cloud CDN can probably be replaced with Cloudflare, and other image optimization plugins exist too. And none of them require having to purchase premium hosting, but you will need your own domain name.


They still have differences. My 1 month of using the QUIC.cloud CDN tells me that it’s way better than any other caching solution at handling dynamic stuffs, and it responses faster than Cloudflare for me probably because it gives you a free monthly paid feature quota so it’s faster than just free.

If you use WordPress then it’s a little bit more conveient as lots of management of the CDN is done from the LSCWP plugin itself.

But it’s weaker speaking of security, and still uses the annoying reCAPTCHA for anti-DDoS, which is broken for me. And there’s some cases where Cloudflare would block a request while QUIC.cloud didn’t. Cloudflare is defintely the No.1 here.

So it depends on what kind of feature you really want, both has their strength and weakness.

QUIC.cloud offers way more optimization functions than just images, BTW.

But yeah, you still need your own domain name.


So if I upgraded to the premium infinityfree hosting, will the QUIC.cloud domain key request work or not?

Take note premium hosting is provided by ifastnet.

Yes. But your free quota would be low.


So it would be better to upgrade my ifastnet account?

Because there is a difference in price, the infinityfree minimum is 1.67$ a month while ifastnet minimum is 4.99$ a month?

Which one should I upgrade?

In fact iFastNet “also” sells the $1.67 one, cause only iFastNet sells those stuffs; we don’t.

The $1.67 one, also known as “Lite Premium” or according to iFastnet, “Starter Premium”, is only sold annually. That makes it $20 a year.

This tier only allows one site with 5GB of storage, while the $4.99 tier allows 6 / 21 sites according to billing period, with unlimited storage. Both plans only provides 250GB of monthly bandwidth.

I cannot make a recommendation, you have to decide which one to purchase based on your needs.

Keep in mind that since iFastnet also uses Apache your QUIC.cloud free quota would still be low. You may pay a little bit more to them or keep within the limits — the limits are usually enough for small sites.


Ok does infinityfree lite premium offer a faster server?

And I’m really confused that I can choose to upgrade to infinityfree lite premium or choose to upgrade my ifastnet account too.

Are both of them linked if I choose one of them?

If not just tell me the cheapest one to choose with better server speed because iam really trying to improve my website score in page speed insight but the issue is that your infinityfree server is slow so I need to upgrade.

So iam trying to make up my mind to choose the better one of the two for my website optimization.

You misunderstand. There is no InfinityFree premium hosting.

The “Lite Premium” is just iFastNet’s Starter Premium (which is labeled incorrectly on our end, no idea how I messed that up, thanks @Frank419 for noticing).

All premium hosting of all plans found on our site are sold by iFastNet. We are not party to any of the premium orders, and they cannot be “linked” to your InfinityFree account.

As far as I know, all iFastNet premium servers are the same, so Super Premium and Starter Premium have the same speed. The main difference is in the domains, databases, email accounts, etc. as well as the maximum amount of server use your account can use, i.e. the amount of traffic it can handle.

And the cheapest one to choose is the cheapest. As to whether it’s enough for your needs I cannot tell you.


Thank you so much, much much appreciated

Starter Premium allocates 0.5 CPU Cores + 0.5 GB RAM, while Super Premium allocates 1 CPU Core + 1 GB RAM. There’re review articles saying that Super Premium is notably faster than Starter.

From this extent, not really, they have different speed.


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