Hy I canot instal

I canot install HumHub on my www.24-news.cf avount Anioane help mee?

Why can’t you install it?

The following errors were found :

Required PHP extension not found : gdRequired PHP extension not found : mbstringRequired PHP extension not found : zipRequired PHP extension not found : intlRequired PHP extension not found : fileinfoRequired PHP extension not found : pdo_mysql

Can You install it for mee?

We already provide a hosting service for free. We’re not also going to build your website for you for free.

Also, all of the extensions you listed are available on our hosting. I don’t know why HumHub doesn’t recognize them.



@Admin informed you that these extensions are availiable and can be used. So install them yourself please, as said, InfinityFree will not build websites for you, you are supposed to build it.


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