HumHub installation problem

When i try to install HumHub:
The following errors were found :

  • Could not make the query numbered : 15
    MySQL Error No : 1071
    MySQL Error : Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes

Hello there,

As far as what I’m aware HumHub is a social networking script and social networking sites does not work well on free hosting especially since those kind of scripts requires too much server resources and eating too much server resources can result in a suspension of your account.

Seems like there’s a restriction on the database that doesn’t allow key length that requires more than 1000 bytes and if that’s the limit you can’t get pass around it.

This error typically means that your software only works with the InnoDB database engine for MySQL. But that storage engine is not supported on free hosting, we only support MyISAM here.

Did you get this error in Softaculous? If so, we should remove the software from there, because it would seem that you just can’t use it on free hosting.


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