So, I have a couple browsers(Safari, Chrome, and Firefox) and for some reason, some files don’t load on my site, especially on Chrome. I added a file a long time ago, it takes me to my Error 404 page, I got to that same file on FireFox and it works.

I’d like to check it, but I don’t know what to check. Which files don’t load on all browsers? Which pages don’t work?

wont load on chrome

works on other computers on chrome though.

I’m using Chrome and it’s working perfectly on my end.

Is it just chrome on just the specific computer? That sounds like an issue with the specific browser installation, not as a hosting issue. Can you try to clear your browser cache?

It was my cache, I cleared it and now its working. Not sure why my cookies and caches were doing something like that. I noticed it because I switched person’s and it worked. Anyways Thanks.