Huge inoods usage for no reason

Hi, I manage
I use 2 mysql databases, 1 FTP account, 329 MB, 1 addon domain, 1 MB bandwidth…
why my control panel reports 121% of inoods usage?

I can login to my account, and to my control panel… my site shows its homepage, but login (inside mysite) failes… may be due to this inoodes problem.


In file systems, an Inode is a file or directory in storage. On free hosting, an account cannot have more than 30,000 files or directories. If you hit the limit, you will not be able to upload or create any new files.

This may also be the reason logins don’t work. The login session needs to be stored however the session files cannot be created because of the inode limit.

To fix this, you will need to delete some files and directories from your account. I can see that you have multiple CMS installed on your account. If you delete all the CMS you don’t use anymore, that would probably free up enough space.

Thank you for your reply…
I can not open softaculous (because of inodes problem), so I can not see (or) uninstall scripts.
The only script I need is Tiki, If you see other scripts installed, I hope you kindly delete them for me. I don`t mind deleting backup files as well, if any.
Thank you.

OK, I’ve deleted a MediaWiki installation from the wiki folder, which should help some. Additionally, it looks like there may still be an installer and permissions checker on the account, which should be deleted if you don’t need them anymore.