HTTPS won't load certain pages upon adding new SSL

Website URL

Error Message

Upon going to certain pages they won’t load and infinityfree gives me a 404 page error, and some pages are missing images. Going to HTTP everything works completely fine and how it’s supposed to.

Other Information

I used InfinityFree’s SSL certification to help get the SSL and then I used Cloudflare for the connection, but after looking at the website certain things won’t load, Favicon, About Page, and Donate Page.

No issue.

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As in certain pages, I forgot to mention that while typing, the Favicon doesn’t load (Even though I have one), But before it worked fine. After a day or two it started working fine but as of right now the Contact page doesn’t work and it sends me a 404 error page. It seems to either be random or maybe downtime. I don’t understand it.

No issue


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