I want to enable IMAP PHP Extension in php.ini file but couldn’t find php.ini. Can you please enable IMAP php extension.
In php.ini you need to remove semi-colon from this line
Thanks in advance.

On Free Hosting, php.ini file can’t be modified and also IMAP extension can’t be enabled because of spam.
Upgrade to premium hosting and there you will have IMAP/POP extensions with an ability to modify php.ini feature.

Only iFastNet can modify the php.ini file, as it is buried deep in the servers, so unfortunately your request is not possible, consider upgrading to Premium Hosting.


The IMAP extension is blocked on free hosting. Unfortunately, the majority of use cases of this extension was to commit abuse, so the decision was made to disable the IMAP functions.

Also, we run Linux servers, not Windows servers, so there are no DLL files on our systems.


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