Https making table not scrolable

My site is currently under construction, so I apologize for the look and am currently working on it, however I’ve ran into a problem I am unsure about.

I recently added the SSL certificate and it works.

I opened two windows, one with And

under the Mob Progression tab half way down the page, if you click on it, it takes you to the mob progression page where I have a table, that also has the table sorter function. HOWEVER, when using HTTPS the table sorter does not work and does nothing, where in plain HTTP, it sorts and re orders just fine.

What is the fix for this? Again, for any of you who visit the website, I know there are quite a few cosmetic things, and almost no link works. I just threw it together within a day and am working on it - One page and one problem at a time.

try to use force https plugin, and write https on wordpress site settings

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Your site looks fine on both https and non https.

I see these error logs on my console:

Try to find those codes (jquery.min.js & jquery.tablesorter.min.js) on your source code page, then change their protocol to https.

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