Sir i have tried to open my site for last 3days.But till now its shows an error msg"this site cant be reached",Sir please help me to resolve this issues plz sir

If your site has worked before then the chances are that your FreeNom domain has either been suspended, or the nameservers are not pointing anymore to InfinityFree’s and the problem is related with the domain itself.

As your site does not redirect to suspendeddomain page and you do not seem to have your account suspended, according to you, the issue seems to be related with your domain.

Did you add it recently to InfinityFree? If you added it recently and started installing content on your website before checking if the domain is available, then you are affected by DNS Caching or propagation which means that depending on your DNS Service, it might take shorter to a longer amount of days before the new nameserver changes on the World Wide Web are obtained after the DNS Service refreshes their registery.

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And according to older information,

In some cases FreeNom users have needed to change the nameservers of their FreeNom domain back to the original ones and wait from 30 minutes to twenty-four hours and then change the nameservers back to the new nameservers, in this case InfinityFree’s provided nameservers

And the second solution to this domain problem seems to be, to delete your free domain from FreeNom and then wait a day and register it again on FreeNom.

See which one works for you, if your domain on FreeNom was not already suspended or deleted beforehand.

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After doing this steps it shows privacy error.I have changed my dns and this site more than 6months old. plz resolve it as soon as possible
here the link of showing error

I had the same issue. After a few days, the issue was fixed.

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Parse error : syntax error, unexpected ‘*’, expecting end of file in /home/vol8_5/ on line 2

probable cause of your problem is some plugin which is not compatible

  1. first check the version of PHP
    please go to control panel and select PHP version (select the latest 7)

  2. probably the wrong plugin or theme (if you are unable to login, etc)
    please use FTP and temporarily rename folders plugins and themes (add X at the end)
    then try to enter the dashboard
    and then return the folder names and move the problematic plugins from WP

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