Hi.iam not professional on the coding but I saw this notification when I tried to open the app installer me to recover pls


Welcome! There was some problems on the platform before, and this may be a cause. Can you try again in an hour or so?


Ok.i can wait👍

Still looks same.need to wait more I reckon😞

It should work now. You are opening the control panel, then click softaculous, correct?

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It’s still same.I normally go cp and after app installation

Can you do that in private mode?

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Sorry but still same :disappointed:

I can check this. On which account do you experience this issue?

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Sellbourne account

Can you please just provide the account username? That’s the unique identifier of the account which I can use to, you know, identify the account.


I just saw the notification as full of capacity usage, deleted the files and working now.thanks heaps for the support!

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