Http://**My website URL is:**

What I’m seeing is:

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.


I’m using this software: I have only installed a wordpress through the cpanel.

I was using a wordpress blog.
Additional information:
Few days earlier it was functioning but the ssl certificate installation was a problem.

Your domains nameservers do not point to InfinityFree, this is why you get this error. Please point your domain to make it work. Take a look yourself here:

3 Likes	172800	IN	NS	172800	IN	NS	172800	IN	NS	172800	IN	NS

You might remove the two nameservers at top in order to make site working.


I can now see your website

Thank you :grinning: it worked. What about fixing my ssl certificates?

You either have to add one via the ssl certificate generator in the client area, or enable Cloudflare.


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