Http:// i can’t reach my website I tried installing WordPress and it doesn’t work what am i doing wrong?

Did you install WordPress with Softaculous? If so, did you check this article already?

Yes it’s on my website is there a way someone can log in to see what’s going on because I’ve done this plenty of times I’m not sure why it’s doing this

I’m sorry, but what is your “yes” referring to? “Yes, it’s installed with Softaculous”? “Yes, it’s installed with Softaculous and I read the article (and it didn’t solve my problem)”? Because if it’s the former, did you check the article already?

16%20AM I uploaded to and it still doesnt work is working fine from my end, and shows a standard WordPress page for me.

If you don’t see a WordPress page, what do you see instead? Do you see an error page, a different website, or something else entirely?

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