HTTP to HTTPS redirect

Username epiz_26913870

Error Message

This page isn’t working at the moment redirected you too many times.

Other Information

I’ve followed the InfinityFree Docs page on forcing HTTP to HTTPS redirect but I get the above error.

No issue here. Clear browser and cloudflare cache?

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I’ve done that, and I don’t use Cloudflare but I’m getting the error. Maybe refresh?

Yup, try that. Clear cookies as well to be sure.

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One thing.
Can you tell me how you managed to upload the installation of “Bingo Caller”? Since I am interested in knowing how I can do that.

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The upload of the website, the app? Which part

Yes, the app.

I use GitHub and Amazon AWS S3. S3 is much faster than GitHub but GH. has more features.

Hope that helps


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