My add link on the website does not work. It takes me to the add form page but when I submit the insert form it does not connect to php page. IT says 404 page not found

Hello there,

That page of yours seems to be working fine on my end:

Try clearing your browser cache and then revisit your site.

Yeah the home page works fine. But, when I click on Add new book link it does take me to a form page but, when I submit the form it shows 404 error.

No not the homepage, I checked that link you provided and it’s working fine. Check the screenshot below.

Yeah when we fill tha insert book form and submit it should connect me to this link But, it says 404 error

It does not return an error 404, instead it returns an http error 500.
Here are some the following possibilities why your site gets an HTTP Error 500:

  1. Your files have been corrupted
  2. Your files (including the scripts/codes in your files) are incompatible with the free servers
  3. Your files are requesting something that does not exist (meaning a code/script in your file is requesting something to be executed but that something does not exist/gone corrupted so your site will crash because it cannot execute that something that is supposed to be necessary in order for your site to normally run).

You may want to refer to this Knowledge Base article for more info:


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