i created account for My Website but suddenly my domain is showing suspended and an advertisement of is started showing to purchase premium hosting . what should i do now ?

my domain ; -
redirecting link ;- Special offer and Discount Coupon

Looks ok to me.

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As @KangJL said I, we can see your website (We can’t see anything wrong).

If still now you are redirecting to suspended website then check your client area of infinityfree. Check if any suspension notice. (I think there is not notice for suspension, because your site is live).

If there are not suspension notices in the client area and you are redirecting to’s suspension site’s with ads then


  • Clear your browser cache or try new fresh browser.

If first method does not work then maybe your isp using caching technology and they are showing cached version of your site (when your account was suspended and redirecting to IFastnet’s site with ads)

  • Use VPN for some time

Hopefully it will work normally soon without VPN


This is a symptom caused by the DNS issues described here:

To fix this, simply remove the domain from your account and then add it again.

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