showing error include(): open_basedir restriction in effect.
Warning : include(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(…/index.php) is not within the allowed path(s): (/php_sessions:/tmp:/var/www/errors:/usr/share/pear:/home/vol9_4/ in /home/vol9_4/ on line 4

What was your problem all about?

Can you please be specific next time rather than only that kind of error log :slight_smile: ?

This is telling you that you are attempting to do something, which could be read or write to the following folders:

  • /var/www/errors
  • /tmp
  • /php_sessions
    These should be removed from your script as you cannot write or read there.

This means that your code is trying to load a file called index.php outside of your htdocs folder. I’m sorry, but for the security of your account, we don’t allow this. Please make sure that all the files used by your website are located in the htdocs folder of your website (and that your code is set up correctly to use them).


Error Message

Warning : include(index.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/vol9_4/ on line 3

Other Information

I have used just correct path to include as it works on localhost but it is not working while site us live all the file im using are in same folder

The works in localhost doesn’t mean that there are no issues. Since both localhost and servers work in different way.

  1. Are you sure your files are in lower cases? our hosts are case sensitive. which means Index is different than index
  2. have you uploaded your file in correct path?

InfinityFree is having an issue. For some reason a certain IP address is down and makes some of the websites on InfinityFree wonky. Check out this topic by Admin.

…It isn’t even related to that outage, as who is into Backend stuff for few years.

Oh, I thought it was the IP issue. My bad

As this message is saying, there is a missing file, you have tried to include it using php include, but your script can’t find it, so ensure you have uploaded index.php

Make sure that you have this admin_login.php inside the htdocs (including index.php or all of the files).

Please don’t create multiple topics about the same issue. I merged both of them now.

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