HTTP post error

Hello, Is it possible to set the apache http protocol mode from strict to unsafe? I am posting domotic data to php script with mySQL server. Some of the devices are not compatible with RFC7230 and I had to turn the HttpProtocolOption to unsafe in the apache config.

I need to migrate the server to infinity free, I almost did it but the clients cannot communicate and I am almost sure this is the problem.

Please can you help?

|Syntax:|HttpProtocolOptions [Strict|Unsafe] [RegisteredMethods|LenientMethods] [Allow0.9|Require1.0]|
|Default:|HttpProtocolOptions Strict LenientMethods Allow0.9|
|Context:|server config, virtual host|
|Compatibility:|2.2.32 or 2.4.24 and later|

I’ve never heard of this HTTP protocol mode thing, and I don’t know why a client or server would or would not support these “strict” or “unsafe” modes.

However, I can tell you that hosting any kind of API functions on our hosting is not possible, because of this security system:

Please understand that we provide a website hosting service. This means we only support and allow pages intended to be viewed through a web browser. Using our hosting as an automated data storage and processing platform for IoT or whatnot is not something we allow or support.


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