Http error 500

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

I have no idea how to verify that

Did you follow my link? If you don’t want to follow it, from the same link I posted before:

To see what’s going wrong, you could try to enable PHP errors.

The easiest way to do so is by going to your control panel, then PHP Config → select your domain name → Alter PHP Directives → set Display Errors to On → click Alter PHP Directives. Now, try to reload the page and see if an error message occurs.

looks like a wordpress update crashed my site :confused: no idea how to go about this

This topic can help you.

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Than you, hopefully that fixes it :slight_smile:

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To confirm it is fixed now … Thanks Again

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Hi @aRustyAdventure
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Because it means a lot to the one who helped you

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