HTTP ERROR 500 When Activating A Plugin

Hello! I would kindly ask you to let me have your precious support concerning this recurring problem I face!

Sometimes when I try to actvate a plugin I download, I get the error No 500 and I annot login as an admin…

Could you please let me know step by step what should I do? What is his happening?
This is the second time I am forced to download and install a new wordpress and start from scratch…

Thank you:)

HTTP 500 means your code is crashing or probably the server can’t handle your code.
Pls do let us know what plugin you were activating.

Thank you so much for your reply! I tried to activated a free wp plugin about encryption. I think it was wp encrypt.
Is there anyway I an retrieve the data and restore the site? I think I saved a backup…

How did you backup the site?
Did you backup it using the zip process or are you using a wp backup plugin?

I have a wp back up tar.gz extension.

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