HTTP ERROR 500 | need help PLEASE

When I installed contact form 7plugin on wordpress my plugins page doesnt load now. I get an error whenever i try to access the plugin page in wordpress. I think this might be because I have limited plugins allowed? Just wondering, does INFINITY | FREE really have unlimited everything ? If yes, please help me get rid of this error so I can add the contact form 7 plugin for my site.

here is the link where I get an error page:

i did encounter this error before when i had contact form 7 ALREADY and then I installed a few other plugins and this same thing happened so i reinstalled wordpress and then install again the same plugins but in different order and i did the contact form 7 last and it shows this error now. I doubt it’s the plugins I use. I think it’s how many plugins I have.

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First of all, no such thing as unlimited hosting exists. And especially not for free. We only offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, other things may be limited.

Secondly, apparently something in your website breaks causing it to generate an error. We didn’t do anything on purpose to actively restrict you from having many plugins, however having a lot of plugins could lead to conflicts between them which could be breaking your website.

In any event, there is no much I can do with it.