HTTP ERROR 500 - For my script

Hello please, I am working on a PHP ajax user registration and login system. I tested the code on my local server and it worked perfectly. But after uploading it here, it’s just a mess. I am getting HTTP 5000 (internal server error). I Configure PHP directives to show an error. The error isn’t showing, I have checked the cod to, I didn’t find any error. So what all could be the case, pls help me out

This is the website

Did you even enabled display errors from alter php config on cpanel?

after. it should display php errors (Aka 500)

yes I did

Did you make sure your code does not suppress error messages? I’ve seen many scripts where the first thing they do is disable all error reporting, error logging and error displaying, meaning it’s completely impossible to figure out what goes wrong if it does.

If you enable display errors in your PHP config and the errors still don’t show, the script suppressing the errors is usually the cause.


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