I installed the Piwigo gallery, and it worked fine. Then installing (automatically) a later version, now the whole structure is OK, but you can’t see the images. I think it’s a GD Library problem. Locally on xammp linux everything works fine.

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I am getting a 500 Internal Server Error on your website.


Are you trying to load the images with HTTPS?

This URL does not look correct:

Can you share a screenshot of the image in its directory? Make sure to capture the part of the page/program that shows the file path.

Nope, the load is attempted insecurely.


It might be correct. Some scripts pull all images through a PHP script, so they can be resized on the fly.

Whether this is a good idea is debatable, but it could work.

In the Network tab, it seems that the image URLs are responding with a 500 status code. If you open the image link in a separate window, and enable display_errors, you should be able to see the actual error message that causes the crash.


the site is on the http server, the index.php page is completely empty. the gallery is installed in the /dreambase folder visible from

everything seems to work if the images are not resized
all images loaded and visible at normal size

That basically confirms what I suspected:

The problem is that the resizing script doesn’t appear to be working.

If you don’t care about the resizing, you can choose to just disable it and move on. But if you do actually want to solve this issue, please do what I suggested.


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