Http 500 error

So I had an http 500 error that had something to do with a plugin, so I deleted all of my plugins from my ftp. Then I refreshed my website, and the whole website now has an http 500 error. I have no experience with coding and I had a decent ammount of people on my website and I don’t wanna start over. Can someone help? I’ll enable php errors and try to fix it I guess. Wish me luck.

“The site is currently being upgraded. Please check back later.”
This is the message that I get, you putted it, right?

Edit: I use xenforo

Yeah so the XF folder was missing some files so I put the files in the correct folder and then it brought up that screen.


Now I see a directory listing, not an error.

@anon19508339, you didn’t do in time to respond to that person, and at the moment what you said didn’t help, but will help solve the errors during the new coding!

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