HTTP 500 Error

I have been receiving multiple errors in the past week (Cloudflare 1016, Max PHP)
but this one is stopping all use of my site else from admin (error http 500)

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Hello .
Look this means that you got a problem in the backend code .
so you should now got to your cpanel then Alter PHP Config
then enable php errors
after doing this refresh your domain and screen shot the errors and post the photo in reply
or you may be able to fix this without any help from me :smiley:
I hope that i could help you :slight_smile:


anything on 1016 or max PHP usage?

my site seems to get slower and slower with the more posts i write

The error messages are quite clear: the wordpress-seo plugin is installed, but not all required files have been uploaded. The best way to fix this is to reinstall the plugin. You can either download the plugin manually and extract the files on top of the existing plugin, or just remove the wp-content/plugins/wordpress-seo/ folder to disable the plugin, and then reinstall it through the admin interface.

Also, what do you mean by “max PHP”?

i get a warning saying you have reached your max PHP buy premium

i am getting the HTTP ERROR 500 from some minutes i tried to do as the admin of this site said but alas i cannot open the website admin page please kindly look into my matter because i am using it as a eccomerce website its a matter of concern pleae help me

Do you mean the warning on this page?

If not, can you please quote the exact error message as you see it, rather than just your interpretation of it?

Since you’re found this topic and see that it might be a similar issue, could you start by reading the answers already posted here? Especially the post from @Oxy should be a good place to start.

i cant login to my wp admin anymore so i dont know how to fix it.
if you can please fix it.

and yes

my site takes 3-10 seconds to respond when it works

if that helps

you have error 500

that is what the post is titled

No need for sarcasm
I assumed you did this:

And again you have error 500

Read what is stated above and the screenshot :grin:


I dont know how to fix this without WP Admin

please use FTP and temporarily rename folders plugins and themes (add X at the end)
then try to enter the dashboard
and then return the folder names and move the problematic plugins

or just remove the wp-content/plugins/wordpress-seo/ folder and then reinstall it through the admin interface.